Inter-Libyan Dialogue: Both Delegations Call on International Parties 'to Support Bouznika Process Which Has Achieved Positive Outcome'

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Bouznika, (MOFA) - The delegation of the Libyan House of Representatives and that of the High Council of State participating in the second round of the inter-Libyan dialogue sessions, called Monday in Bouznika, on the international parties involved in the Berlin process and participating in the meeting on Libya on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, to support the Bouznika process "which has achieved a positive outcome".

In his speech on behalf of the two delegations, Driss Omran of the Libyan House of Representatives expressed the thanks of the two delegations to the international parties involved in the Berlin process and participating in the meeting on Libya on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly for their efforts to develop a comprehensive vision to end the Libyan crisis.

He also recalled the previous commitments of the international parties, particularly paragraphs 37 and 38 of the conclusions of the Berlin 1 conference, urging them to support the Bouznika process which has achieved "a positive outcome".

The two delegations said, that the dialogue sessions hosted by Morocco "were imbued with a positive atmosphere and a spirit of optimism which helped unify visions regarding the criteria for the seven posts of sovereignty in Libya".

In addition, Omran recalled that the two delegations reached during the first round of the inter-Libyan dialogue last month an important consensus on the mechanisms for the unification of sovereign institutions, affirming that there is a willingness to continue to work on the criteria as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Omran reiterated his thanks to the Kingdom of Morocco, King, government and people, for the permanent readiness and commitment to facilitate for years the inter-Libyan dialogue at its various stages, by working to ensure all appropriate and favorable conditions to bring Libyans together and views closer to reach a consensus capable of finding solutions to unify the sovereign institutions.

In addition, he stressed that the delegation of the High Council of State and that of the House of Representatives are meeting again in brotherly Morocco to resume the inter-Libyan dialogue initiated last month to resolve issues related to state institutions, especially those sovereigns, the aim being to meet the expectations of the Libyan people and their aspirations for dignified living conditions especially in this critical juncture because of the health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic and the degradation of basic services.

He added that members of both chambers have worked through the various dialogue committees to fulfill their national and legal responsibilities defined by the constitutional declaration and the Libyan political agreement signed in Skhirat, deploring the political division, foreign interference and various attempts at disruption that have wasted a lot of time and effort as well as missed several opportunities.

The Libyan official noted that the dangerous and worrying deterioration of the main institutions, including sovereign and service ones, has prompted the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to make exceptional efforts to reach consensus by unifying the institutions, as provided for in Article 15 of the political agreement.

For his part, speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives Youssef El Akkouri expressed his thanks to Morocco for everything it has presented and continues to present for "peace, harmony, stability and security in Libya," saying that the Kingdom will always remain a country of generosity to establish peace and unite Libyans.

Chairman of the delegation of the Libyan High Council of State, Fawzi Al-Agab, highlighted the key role of the Libyan talks, which have achieved significant progress on the criteria for choosing the occupants of the sovereignty posts, adding that the debate continues to reach a consensus, common formula on these criteria.

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