Inter-Libyan Dialogue of Bouznika- Mr. Nasser Bourita: Agreements of Second Round Are Decisive for Choice of Positions of Sovereignty Holders

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الحوار الليبي ببوزنيقة.. السيد بوريطة: توافقات الجولة الثانية "حاسمة" في اتجاه اختيار شاغلي المناصب السيادية
Bouznika, (MoFA) - The agreements reached by the delegation of the High Council of State and that of the House of Representatives during the 2nd round of the inter-Libyan dialogue in Bouznika are decisive for the choice of the holders of positions of sovereignty, in accordance with Article 15 of the Skhirat Agreement, said Tuesday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita, welcoming the positive spirit that marked this round.

A report containing these agreements will be submitted to the presidents of the High Council of State and the House of Representatives for approval, said Mr. Bourita who was speaking at a press briefing held at the end of this 2nd round, noting that the inter-Libyan dialogue of Bouznika has all the elements and factors conducive to its success.

Among these factors, the minister cited the clear support of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, and the Kingdom for everything that contributes to the stability of Libya and allows the country to emerge from the crisis it has known for years, adding that the Royal Vision is based on the "unconditional" support of the Libyan brothers and all their initiatives aimed at reaching consensus and resolving the crisis.

The Kingdom will remain, in accordance with the High Royal Instructions, a land of welcome for all Libyan brothers without any distinction, Mr. Bourita said, noting that Morocco adopts a constructive position, based on positive neutrality and intended to help Libyans overcome all difficulties.

The Minister further noted that this is an inter-Libyan dialogue, not a dialogue on Libya, and that it is being conducted by the Libyans themselves without any interference, allowing the parties to agree and debate in order to reach a consensus.

He also said that Bouznika's dialogue proved the efficiency of this approach which gives Libyans the possibility to solve their own problems, just as Libya does not need tutelage or interference.

This dialogue relies on the legitimate institutions, namely the High Council of State and the House of Representatives, as the main foundations of any solution in Libya, based on legitimacy and accountability, he went on, noting that both delegations have put the best interest first and reacted responsibly in seeking consensus to all disputes.

This round resulted in important agreements, he insisted, calling for preserving this momentum by continuing the dialogue.

This momentum may be beneficial to move forward in other processes that the Libyans will choose, said the Minister, noting that Morocco is always willing to welcome them to continue the dialogue.

This dialogue will allow progress towards the resolution of several issues concerning the Libyan people and the crisis in this country, he concluded.

The meeting was marked by the exchange between the heads of the delegations participating in this round, namely Fawzi Al-Agab of the High Council of State and Youssef El Akkouri of the House of Representatives, of the minutes of the agreements reached in the first and second rounds, which they will provide for these two institutions to advance the renewal of the sovereign institutions’ structures.

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