MFA Bourita: Morocco is sparing no effort to contribute to the implementation of the objectives of Marrakech Pact

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M. Nasser Bourita: Le Maroc ne ménage aucun effort pour contribuer à la mise en œuvre des objectifs du Pacte de Marrakech
Morocco is sparing no effort to contribute to the implementation of the objectives of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (Marrakech Pact), Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, pointed out Tuesday.

At the national level, the National Strategy for Immigration and Asylum (SNIA) and the National Strategy for Moroccans Living Abroad (SNMRE), converge with the objectives of the Pact, Bourita said in a speech at the High Level Meeting to Launch the Report of the United Nations Secretary General on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

These two strategies protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of both foreigners living in Morocco and Moroccans abroad and aim to promote the conditions for the economic and social integration of migrants and to fight against human-trafficking networks, exploitation and abuse, the minister stressed, recalling that at the regional level, Morocco has promoted the adoption of a regional roadmap to establish the principles of the Marrakech Pact at the level of the Western Mediterranean, during the 8th Ministerial Conference of the 5 + 5 Dialogue on Migration and Development, held in Marrakech in March 2020.

At the continental level, the African Agenda for Migration led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI as "Leader of the African Union on the Issue of Migration" has built a continental consensus on an integrated vision of migration, Bourita said, noting that the African Migration Observatory, set up in Rabat, is the first concrete manifestation of this.

Significantly, Morocco has also volunteered to host the first African regional forum for the implementation of the Marrakech Pact, he underlined.

Mr. Bourita, on the other hand, said that the implementation of the Marrakech Pact must remain our 'mantra'.

It is not enough, in fact, to generate momentum, it must be registered and installed in the long term, he said, referring to some advances in the Marrakech Pact which must be consolidated.

The minister affirmed, in this regard, that the discourse on migration has favorably evolved, noting that the consensus built by and around the Global Compact, had this first convincing effect of changing the discourse on migration.

The Marrakech Pact has generated an unprecedented momentum to establish a methodology and initiatives based on facts and data, the minister pointed out, noting that the dynamics of cooperation have increased quantitatively and qualitatively.

On the one hand, governments, freed from reductive stereotypes, are collaborating more bilaterally, regionally and inter-regionally, he noted, adding that the Pact offers tools of convergence for bi-continental processes, such as Euro-African processes.

The Pact is also gradually establishing itself as a benchmark that pulls migration policies towards better-doing, closer to the most demanding standards, Bourita said, noting that the United Nations Network on Migration is by its very existence, the concretization of the transversal character of the migratory governance sought by the Pact.

The first report of the UN Secretary General on the Marrakech Pact is called upon to reflect the attachment to realizing the promise of the Pact: that of enhancing the global governance of migration.

It is called upon to nurture the approach which should guide all stakeholders: a resolutely resolutely oriented approach towards action, cooperation and the promotion of good practices, he noted, adding that this first report is part of a difficult global health context, which has seen migration routes disrupt, migrants' vulnerabilities exacerbate and, as a result, migration governance become more complex.

The minister also affirmed that between the adoption of the Pact in Marrakech and the launch of this report, the pandemic came to monopolize, largely, the attention, the mobilization and the means of the international community, stressing that the pandemic will pass, but migration will remain.

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