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The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita received, on December, 14, 2023 in Rabat, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Mr. José Manuel Albares.

At a press briefing following their talks, Mr. Nasser Bourita and his Spanish counterpart, Mr. José Manuel Albares, affirmed that the partnership between the two countries continues to gain momentum and is progressing towards new ambition and promising prospects for cooperation, thanks to the impetus given by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, reiterating in particular the Royal Vision on the Atlantic seaboard, the expansion of Morocco's economic development and its positioning on the African market.

They emphasized that Rabat and Madrid remain committed to using their strategic partnership as an asset to move forward together on numerous innovative and renewed projects, to jointly overcome the many challenges that lie ahead, in the service of the aspirations of both countries and in favor of regional peace and stability.

The two ministers pointed out that this unique partnership will enable Morocco and Spain to further combine their efforts, in order to make a constructive contribution, in all fields, to the benefit of both countries and also to the Euro-Mediterranean area and Africa, as well as within the EU and UN and international organizations, in order to face the multiple current and future challenges.

Mr. Nasser Bourita and Mr. Albares expressed the two countries' fervent commitment to perpetuating their promising cooperation, by continuing to implement the elements of the roadmap resulting from the Joint Declaration of April 7, 2022, to examine ways of accelerating its implementation, and to identify new avenues of partnership to support the impetus given by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, during the Sovereign's meeting with the President of the Spanish Government, Mr. Pedro Sanchez.

On this occasion, Mr. Albares reaffirmed Spain's strong commitment to further consolidating the strategic partnership with Morocco, commending the promising partnership and the momentum of bilateral relations, thanks to the strong impetus given by the Sovereign during this meeting.

Mr. Albares' visit to Morocco comes at a time marked by a strong willingness of the two countries aimed at giving new dynamics to the existing partnership, in order to further elevate relations between the two Kingdoms in all areas of common interest.

On this occasion, Mr. Nasser Bourita affirmed that Morocco and Spain are working to establish a more ambitious vision of their bilateral political, economic and diplomatic relations, underlining that the roadmap adopted in the Joint Declaration of April 7, 2022 has largely been implemented.

"This vision is based on Spain's openness to new sectors, the attraction of Spanish economic operators in Morocco, and Spain's participation in all the visions and ambitions of His Majesty the King in terms of infrastructure, as well as the development of the various areas of life of Moroccans," stressed Mr. Nasser Bourita.

Morocco's assessment of the Joint Declaration of April 7, 2022 remains "very positive, both in terms of the approach adopted to implement the commitments made, and in terms of content, with regard to the creation of seven working groups, all of which are making significant progress in their action," he added, emphasizing the role of businessmen and political players who are working earnestly in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect, enabling Spain to fully confirm its position as the Kingdom's leading economic and commercial partner.

"Moroccan-Spanish relations have never reached this level of solidity, strength and trust," noted the Minister, recalling in this respect that the meeting between HM King Mohammed VI and the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, gave new impetus to the bilateral relations.

Mr. Nasser Bourita also recalled the message sent by the Sovereign to Mr. Pedro Sanchez on the occasion of his investiture as President of the Spanish government, a move that testifies to the special attention paid by His Majesty the King to promoting bilateral cooperation and the milestone reached by relations between the two countries.

These relations are based on mutual trust, which is tangibly reflected in the handling of sensitive issues such as terrorism and illegal immigration, and on partnership through economic and strategic cooperation, in accordance with the win-win principle.

Bilateral cooperation in the fight against organized crime, terrorism and illegal immigration "is exemplary at international level,” noted Mr. Nasser Bourita, adding that the action taken by the two countries through their security services has a significant regional and geopolitical impact, particularly in North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The Minister described bilateral political dialogue as "constant and constructive", especially as direct channels of communication are operational at all levels and on a permanent basis, enabling all issues to be dealt with using a proactive approach.

Mr. Albares' visit to Morocco reflects the positive and highly ambitious nature of bilateral relations, he said, noting that the prospect of jointly organizing the World Cup in 2030 "prompts us to take a forward-looking view of our common future, taking into consideration the history, geography and willingness of the political leadership of both countries.”

He also said that he had discussed with the Spanish minister the Atlantic area as an essential element of bilateral cooperation, in line with the Royal Vision, insofar as Spain, an Atlantic country, will have a role to play as Morocco's partner within the framework of this vision.

Mr. Nasser Bourita also commended Spain's position, which considers the Moroccan autonomy initiative to be the most serious, realistic and credible basis for resolving the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain, Mr. José Manuel Albares, commended, the coordination between Morocco and Spain on regional issues, calling it "a real model of regional cooperation in the service of peace, security and prosperity."

At the end of his meeting, Mr. Albares said that coordination between the two countries, particularly with regard to the Euro-Mediterranean area, the Sahel region and Africa in general, has been greatly strengthened thanks to the dynamism of the strategic partnership between Morocco and Spain, which is supported by the impetus given by His Majesty King Mohammed VI during His meeting with the President of the Spanish Government, Mr. Pedro Sanchez, on April 7, 2022.

On this occasion, Mr. Albares reiterated Spain's interest in Morocco as a friendly country, an important partner and a key player in the development of the southern Mediterranean neighborhood.

The two ministers reaffirmed their shared willingness to further strengthen cooperation on regional issues, particularly in the Sahel region, which faces a number of challenges, stressing that cooperation between Morocco and Spain sets an example to be followed in the region, and makes a laudable contribution to peace, stability and development.

In addition, Mr. Albares praised the concrete actions and ambitious programs undertaken by Morocco in Africa, in several important sectors, to support the Continent's human and economic development, adding that this testifies to Morocco's commitment to regional economic integration.

In this context, Mr. Albares and Mr. Nasser Bourita stressed the importance of exploring means and avenues for cooperation in order to establish innovative and strategic partnerships, which will be launched, within the framework of the Royal Vision, both in Morocco and at the level of the African Continent, and whose positive and win-win spinoffs will contribute to peace, security, development and prosperity in Africa and Europe.

With regard to the situation in Gaza, the two ministers reaffirmed the commitment of Morocco and Spain to pursue their efforts and close coordination, with all partners, for international mobilization for a lasting and verifiable ceasefire, in order to halt hostilities in Gaza, with the aim of protecting all civilians and achieving peace, stability and prosperity for all peoples in the region.

Capitalizing on their close coordination, the two ministers stressed the need to strengthen consultations in order to contribute actively and effectively to the international community's efforts to establish an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, living side by side with Israel in peace and security, and on the basis of the two-state solution.

They stressed the importance of supporting a political solution, which remains essential to extricate the region from conflict and violence, with the aim of establishing coexistence, peace, security and prosperity throughout the region.


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