Opening of DRC Consulate in Dakhla

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Ouverture du Consulat Général de la République Démocratique du Congo à Dakhla
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita, and the Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mrs. Marie Tumba Nzeza, inaugurated on Saturday, December 19th, the Consulate General of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the city of Dakhla.

During a press briefing with his DRC counterpart Marie Tumba Nzeza, held on the occasion of the inauguration of this diplomatic representation, MFA Bourita stressed that the opening of a consulate of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Dakhla is "a major event" given the importance of this country and its responsibilities within the African Union (AU) that it will chair starting next year.

This diplomatic act is of particular importance as it comes from a country that has always supported Morocco in its national cause, the minister said.

Morocco has always welcomed the support of the DRC, he said, recalling that at meetings of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Ms. Tumba Nzeza and His Excellency President Felix Tshisekedi, have consistently expressed their clear and assumed support for the territorial integrity and Moroccanness of the Sahara.

The inauguration of this consulate is in line with this consistent position and confirms the fact that the DRC opened its diplomatic representation in the Southern Provinces, along with 16 other African countries, to clearly express support for the Moroccanness of the Sahara, the minister said.

For MFA Bourita, the position of the DRC is part of the actions of HM King Mohammed VI in recent years in support of the Moroccanness of the Sahara, through international positions and agreements and the opening of consulates, whose number has now reached 19, in addition to the upcoming opening of consulates of Jordan and the United States.

The Minister highlighted the "historic" decision of Washington to open a consulate in Dakhla, which turns the city into an important consular center, stressing Dakhla's status as a strategic international gateway, especially between Europe and Africa.

The opening of a Consulate General of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Dakhla holds a significant political and diplomatic character, and gives concrete expression to the recognition of Morocco's full sovereignty over its Sahara, said the State Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the DRC, Marie Tumba Nzeza.

"There is a lot of potential in this region, and we very much hope that the state gesture we are making today is a good omen for a radiant and fruitful development between the two countries," she stated.

In this vein, DRC's top diplomat said that the opening of this consular post is actually a new stage in the historical and privileged relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as embodied in the entente and understanding between HM King Mohammed VI and His Excellency the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi.

These ties have consolidated the relations of fraternity and friendship uniting the two countries and peoples since 1960, she said, reiterating the deep gratitude of the DRC people and president to HM the King for the medical assistance provided to help the Congolese protect themselves and effectively fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Faithful to its principles, "the DRC always rejected any inclination to balkanize African countries in general and the Kingdom of Morocco in particular," she went on, adding that in 1984, the DRC placed itself on the side of Morocco when the Kingdom decided to leave the Organization of African Unity.

In parallel to this support for Morocco's integrity and sovereignty over its Sahara, Morocco always showed steadfast solidarity with the DRC whenever its territorial integrity was also threatened, she said.

The Foreign Minister thanked the Moroccan people, "whose sons have shed their blood, alongside their Congolese brothers, to defend the territorial integrity of the DRC," stressing that her country is and will be supporting the peace efforts undertaken by the Moroccan authorities in the Moroccan Sahara.

She also welcomed the recent US decision to recognize Morocco's sovereignty over its Sahara.


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